Merry Christmas!

Seasonal greetings from Owen and Tammy. Here's a little bit about what we've been up to along with some pictures of our year. Wishing you all a very merry holiday.


What with spending most of our time off work doing DIY and supervising builders, we haven’t really been on a proper holiday this year. Instead, we’ve had a few short breaks.

In February we spent a weekend in Dublin. Being the middle of winter it was a bit on the chilly side, to the extent of it snowing in between the downpours of rain. Luckily, the plan for the weekend mainly involved drinking Guinness and whiskey in as many Irish pubs as possible. This was one plan we managed to stick to.

We also flew off to Amsterdam with a few chums for a slightly longer break. We were determined to see more of the sights this year, and I’m proud to announce we managed to fit in a trip to the Anne Frank House. And bought some tulip bulbs :o).

In July we spent a relaxed few days at the Womad festival in Reading. Impressively for a holiday just outside London, we had a heat wave and spent most of our time searching for shade and having water fights to cool down.

The House

Having moved into our house at the end of 2001, this year has been largely dedicated to sorting it out. If you’ve seen “The Money Pit” you have a fair idea of what we have let ourselves in for.

This years milestones have included the introduction of windows that don’t leak, a complete upgrade of electrical wiring and a total re-plumb, including the introduction of central heating. The winter has certainly felt a lot warmer this year!

The latest excitement has been the addition of a kitchen at the end of November, just over a year after moving in. Cooking over the last 12 months has been carried out on a two-ring electric Prima stove and a microwave. The joy of having a proper oven just cannot be put into words after so long. Particularly as it has been 6 years since either of us had a gas hob – sheer luxury :o).

2003 will be the year of the paint brush, just as soon as we can get the plastering sorted out … and the wallpapering and … .


Him – still working in the same company (insurance) doing the same kind of thing (programming computers) but finally past the boring conversion stuff and doing new (VB) development.

Her – been in the same company for 18 months (could be some kind of record) doing computery things in HR.

Fun stuff

So apart from all this hectic activity, what have we been doing with our spare time? Owen turned 30 in August, an event which needed marking with a BBQ and several drinking sessions. It was lovely to see everybody who made it down for the weekend.

The rest of our leisure time was spent going to birthday parties and weddings! Congratulations to Simon & Maud, Kate & Paul, Tom & Annabel and Damon & Julia. And thank you for the parties :o)


We hope you liked the new electronic form of Christmas greetings. Merry Christmas to you!