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Thursday, April 08, 2004

Cough .. cough ..

.. grr cobwebs .. er hi .. So ...

How's you, strangers and friends?

We have a study (mostly). Three quarters of a shower room. Wooh showers! 97% utility + 97% Front Room + 99% Kitchen + 85% baby baked = Happy but knackered Williamses.

Still loads to do ... and only 5.5ish weeks left to do it in.

What's been going on out there? If anyone happens to pass by (mind the tumbleweed) I'd appreciate you leaving comments pointing to interesting blog stuff or web phenomena that have occurred since ... erm December. (Cheers.)

Prolly never gonna "proper blog" again but we'll see. I'll be around a bit ... maybe.

Really excited about the whole baby thing! Bring it on. I'm well up for this Daddy stuff. Babies are cool (if a bit vomity, apparently).

Upcoming: much DIY; a swath of PC maintenance (well overdue); a little house clearing; try and catch up with people; aim to get some sleep; have baby; more stuff.

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