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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Scores on the Doors and Windows and ..

This year we had just one visiting group of trick or treaters. A lovely gathering of witches and spooks they were too. We also had a group of "just trickers" who pelted several houses with eggs. These monsters meant I got to scrub egg yolk off my house in the dark. On the plus side, there was plenty of chocolate to console myself with.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

New Server

One small step is being made towards my return to blogging. I am currently in the process of updating our little server here at home. The main reason for this was to speed up the Gallery. Hopefully, drastic improvements can be seen there now along with some new features. This should also fix some issues I was having uploading some photos. Meanwhile, there are a bunch of issues to fix, such as FTP, firewall complications for gaming, IP issues and the rest. Hopefully none of these will affect anyone on your side of my firewall. Please let me know if you encounter any broken links or the like.

If all goes to plan, Im going to try doing the odd Im still here style blog and see if I can improve on that. Until then ..

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Saturday, June 05, 2004


I have my doubts about getting back to the blogging thing any time soon. Big love to the blog community for the interim. Meanwhile, I'll try to pop by when the opportunity arises.

So far, we're loving family life. If we could persuade David to sleep a little at night, we'd be in heaven ;o). Predictably, we've got a ton of baby photos. Rather more surprisingly, we've finally got around to uploading a selection of wedding photos to the Gallery.

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Friday, May 28, 2004

No More Friends but ...

.. now there's Family.

We are delighted to announce the arrival of David Patrick Williams. Born on 27 May 2004 at 7.51pm. He hit the scales at a respectable 8lb 12oz. Mother and baby are both doing well and are expected home by next week. Dad is over the moon. Baby David is wonderful.

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Thursday, April 08, 2004

Cough .. cough ..

.. grr cobwebs .. er hi .. So ...

How's you, strangers and friends?

We have a study (mostly). Three quarters of a shower room. Wooh showers! 97% utility + 97% Front Room + 99% Kitchen + 85% baby baked = Happy but knackered Williamses.

Still loads to do ... and only 5.5ish weeks left to do it in.

What's been going on out there? If anyone happens to pass by (mind the tumbleweed) I'd appreciate you leaving comments pointing to interesting blog stuff or web phenomena that have occurred since ... erm December. (Cheers.)

Prolly never gonna "proper blog" again but we'll see. I'll be around a bit ... maybe.

Really excited about the whole baby thing! Bring it on. I'm well up for this Daddy stuff. Babies are cool (if a bit vomity, apparently).

Upcoming: much DIY; a swath of PC maintenance (well overdue); a little house clearing; try and catch up with people; aim to get some sleep; have baby; more stuff.

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