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Monday, December 23, 2002
RIP Joe Strummer.

posted at 2:57 PM
Sunday, December 22, 2002
Busy, Busy, Busy.... The last week has been chaotic, which is becoming more the norm these days! I've worked more hours than would be allowed if the UK hadn't opted out of the European Working Time Directive, done most of the festive food shopping, moved several rooms worth of stuff around the house, wrapped up the presents, put up the Christmas Tree. Oh, and published the Christmas Card!

I've also: been to some friends for a lovely evening and a fantastic meal, seen The Two Towers {Currently no. 8 in the imdb top 250 if anybody's counting, thrown a party (alarmingly at midnight all of the guests turned into Marks), and spent a day with our two neices - one aged 3 years, the other 2 days :-)

That was the short version - I feel some elaboration coming on :-)

Firstly, the movie. I'm going to offer only three words on the subject and promise not to include any spoilers: See It. Now! Unless you haven't seen the first one yet, in which case your mission is to watch the first one, and then go see it.

The party was thrown because it's Christmas and we've been too busy to get drunk with our friends of late :-) By some strange quirk of fate, there was an unusally high concentration of people called Mark amongst the guests, leading us to a point in time in which our house contained us, and 4 Men Named Mark.

And on to the kiddies. I spent half an hour being shown the internet by a 3 year old today. We played all sorts of games and things, some of which were really cool. I have to admit to being very impressed by some of the stuff out there for very small people. Despite not being able to read yet, our neice is a lot more proficient on the web than her grandma!

Back to work for the next couple of days, but starting to actually look forward to Christmas now :-) This year we're having my parents to stay, but after that I'm hoping for some proper relaxation and blogging time. If I'm not back before then, enjoy the festive season.

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Saturday, December 14, 2002
You've met The Purple Penguin, now meet Snowdrop, the albino penguin at Bristol Zoo.

Prompted by james leaving a comment on snowcat, I thought I'd see if I could find an update on the hedgehogs of Uist story I covered earlier in the year. And a well timed prompt it was too - just 3 days ago the BBC have reported that the hedgehogs probably will be culled despite public objection (mainly from England). Interestingly, only 2 complaints were received from the Western Isles, who are the people with the problem. It seems the English are more concerned about the hedgehogs, which are supposedly plentiful (although I don't think I've seen one in a good 15 years or so!) than the endangered birds which could be wiped off the planet by said prickly creatures.

Friday the 13th passed without any major incidents for me. I'm not superstitious (I love spell-checkers!), so I mention this for one reason only. Saturday the 14th is throwing out bizarre coincidences at an unusual rate! I read a comment on my last post featuring the word "mayhem". which then turned up in a crossword I did immediately afterwards. Then went looking for my previous posts on the hedgehogs. The a post I cross-linked to also contains a link to an article on albino hedgehogs.

posted at 1:05 PM
Tuesday, December 10, 2002
As we head towards the end of the year the days and weeks seem to be flying by at an ever increasing rate. I've been meaning to post for ages, and have just realised that I haven't written anything at all this month. Over the last couple of weeks I've half composed witty little thoughts in my head, but then failed to find the time to transfer them to the page. I've then been finding it harder and harder to actually get round to writing anything at all. Do I acknowledge the fact that I haven't posted in ages, or do I just pretend it was only a couple of days ago I was last here. Is anybody still out there or has everybody given up on me? Am I subconsciously bored of blogging or am I as busy as I think I am. Do I just have writers block? Or is it just mid-winter paranoia. Answers on a post-card please.

Anyway, enough self-indulgent waffle. If you noticed I vanished for a while there, you might be interested in what I've been up to. If you don't care one way or the other, I suggest you give one of the blogs listed on the right-hand side a go instead (assuming I've updated my blogrolling code by the time at which you are reading this).

Project kitchen, which started to become somewhat of an obsession, is now practically complete. We have a working oven and fridge freezer. And cupboards to put things in. In short, we have what is commonly referred to as a kitchen :-) Pictures to follow as soon as I find time to put together some web pages which only exist in my head. Once the kitchen fitters moved out, we moved in. And then started cooking roasts for a whole heap of people we hadn't seen in ages due to spending all our time preparing for the installation of the kitchen.

Project kitchen, however, forms only a small part of what I shall refer to as "Project House". We are currently under siege from the plasterers, so we've been frantically running around removing wallpaper from walls which are due to be plastered. And everything in the house is covered in dust again! Plastering is due to be followed by painting. The fun never stops :-)

Maybe I'll get some quality blog time over Christmas! For now, time to get some sleep in preparation for the company party tomorrow night :-)

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