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Wednesday, March 26, 2003
Today, I officially have exactly one month left of my twenties. Doesn't time fly? When I was much smaller (in joke for people who know me as I am vertically challenged :-), a year seemed to last forever. It seemed an age between Christmas and my birthday, and eternity until Christmas rolled back around. My parents would ask what I would like for a present and I would reel off immense lists of things that seemed so important - books and toys and puzzles ... How times change! With a month to my twenty-tenth remaining, it is time for me to compile my wish list. I've been thinking long and hard trying to come up with suggestions, but to my surprise I don't really want anything at all. My ideas seem to be very lame and house project related - for example I would like a sewing maching (for making curtains) and a heat gun (to strip paint).

Can anybody explain to me why you would rent a DVD by going down to a net booth on the High Street, picking the one you want, going back home to wait for the postman to deliver it, then go out again to post it back? Call me weird, but if I was going to go out to do that, I'd go to the video store, pick my movie and take it home with me straight away!

Yet another chapter in the Uist hedgehog saga. The cull is due to start next week, so the islanders are being offered a fiver for each one they deliver to be transported to the mainland by the Uist Hedgehog Rescue Coalition.

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Saturday, March 22, 2003
Today's painting activities have been accompanied by Alanis Morissette and Portishead - a couple of CD's I haven't listened to in well over a year. Top stuff - well worth digging out of your collection if you have them. Mind you, if you are a Brit around my age (give or take a few years) you will have owned at least one of them.

From there, I went a bit more modern with a spin of the latest RHCP, which is totally excellent. Whilst listening to it a few weeks back (predictably I believe we were painting at the time), oin said that one of the tracks reminded him of something else and proceeded to hum "Our House" by Crosby Stills & Nash. The annoying thing is, that since he put this thought in my head it won't go away, so that now when I hear the RHCP track my brain starts filling in the CSN lyrics. D'oh.

On a vaguely related note, we recently spotted that the first track on Melody AM features a sample from Burt Bacharach's Blue on Blue. I always thought the Royksopp tune had sounded hauntingly familiar, but put it down to the car adverts!

Now, what should I listen to tomorrow .....

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Thursday, March 20, 2003
Having successfully returned home from our trip to the Netherlands, I've finally managed to catch up on some of my reading. It's hard work, this blogging nonsense :-) Mainly because I can't come up with an original thought of my own, here's my pick of what everybody else is talking about:

Hydragenic has been
commuting. Via bluetealef and bingobowden I have discovered that I am a Democrat (which sounds about right from the possibilities on offer). On the other side of the Pond, Kane has some suggestions for who could run Iraq.

Additional: Have just been listening to Tony while surfing. Was it just me or did he say absolutely nothing of any relevance to anything?

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Saturday, March 15, 2003
Greetings from the incredibly sunny city of Amsterdam. I can't get over how fantastic the weather is out here - it's gorgeous. We arrived Thursday night, and we've already been to the Van Gogh museum, and eaten Mexican and Chinese food. Today we've been shopping and wandering, before settling in for a quick surf in Abraxas. Later this afternoon we're heading north to Harlaam (excuse spelling - that's a complete guess) to vist some chums and see a different part of The Netherlands. I've been to this country several times but never left the city before, so I'm looking forward to exploring elsewhere. Tomorrow there will be more culture, more beer and more chilling out. And we'll still have Monday to fill. This is our first holiday with a decent digital camera, so expect to see lots of photos when we get back to Blighty. Time to sign off - 3 minutes left to check my e-mail. 2 mins 50....

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Thursday, March 06, 2003
This week, it was revealed that a drawing by Dali has been stolen at some time from a New York jail, athough they don't have a clue when.

In two coincidental stories, people have objected to culls of ducks and rats. There seem to have been a few stories like this recently. For some reason I only seem to come across news reports about people objecting to culling. What is the story supposed to be - the proposals for the culls, or the objections to them? I tend to sit on the fence for these ones. For me it's one of the bigger picture arguments. I don't think that culling is a bad thing when done for the right reasons. I think that humanity should try to save species from extinction of plant and animal species wherever possible. Should we allow one species to completely obliterate another, or should we intervene to give weaker species a better chance. Particularly given that mankind is often responsible for introducing the agressor in the first place (see previous posts on hedgehogs. Should we be trying to reverse the changes we have inflicted upon the global ecosystem, or should we leave it to nature and evolution to repair the damage?

In the little bubble I call my reality, our car failed its MOT yesterday :-( It's a little VW Polo that dates back to 1989 and is only our second car. It's been good to us over the four or so years we've had it, despite our complete apathy in the car care department. Anyway, the suspension is shot, and the cost of the repairs is such that it no longer makes economic sense to get it back on the road again. We've got a couple of weeks left on the old certificate before we have to stop driving it, so we have a stay of execution while we start looking for a replacement. I find that I am quite attached to the car - I realise that I'd assumed that we'd choose when it was time to trade it in for something newer, rather than having the decision taken out of our hands. So on top of our schedule of non-stop working, painting and partying (pretty much in that order :-), we now need to quickly learn something about cars before a salesman spots us for complete novices and sells us a complete turkey.

And to prove that every cloud has a silver lining, this time next week we'll be in Amsterdam for a well deserved break :-)

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Sunday, March 02, 2003
Currently on my desktop: a picture of Antarctica.

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Saturday, March 01, 2003
In TV news, there will be a third series of 24. In the UK, most of us have seen the first two episodes of the second series. Those of us with pay-TV of some kind (including myself) have seen three episodes. I know the US is about halfway though (and the rest of the world probably don't even know what I'm talking about!). I must confess that I'm not really getting into series 2. With the original, I was completely gripped by the first episode, and watched every second with full concentration. We'd have really good chats about what we thought would happen next, and who would still be alive at the end of the last episode. This series just isn't doing it for me at all - at the moment it's just all seeming a little contrived and far-fetched. I'm going to give it another episode or two in the hope it will improve before I give up watching it. What does everybody else think?

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The decorating is moving along in the right direction. I'm taking a day off today though because (a) we've got some mates coming over later and (b) I've got the cold that's been going round Canary Wharf and I feel like crap :-( On the other hand, a week dedicated to decorating has left all the other chores piling up, so I'm not going to get a relaxing day. Should I manage to find the time, I've got some proper posts floating around that need to be finished up, so there may be something more interesting to read from here later :-) Mind you, I still need to sort out the PC issues I mentioned a few days back and I'm going to try a rebuild so it could be days before I'm up and running again.

To get you started, here's a picture of
London by night taken from the ISS. You can see the airports and the M25 - it's superb! Obviously not everybody on the internet lives in London, so I thought I'd see if I could find pictures from space of some of the places I know you live. You won't spot your home-town in amongst this lot, but worth a view are a Canadian reservoir, the San Franisco Bay, sunset over the Sahara, and the Colorado river. Here's a challenge for you:- there are thousands of pictures in the nasa gallery - if you can find a shot of where you live, post it in the comments!

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