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Friday, June 20, 2003
It's been a hectic week again. Last weekend we sorted out a whole load of boxes to get another room in some kind of shape. I spent Sunday with my family (parents, sister and her boyfriend) sitting in the garden watching the planes fly overhead and not moving much in the heat. Summer has arrived big style in London - it's been lovely out there but way too hot to be in a city. We're just not used to 27C (80F) in the UK, and the weather forecast says it's going to get hotter.

I've not been at work all week - I was on a 2 day course over near Heathrow at the beginning and we both took the rest of the week off. Over a couple of days pottering and relaxing (with a fair amount of sleeping thrown in) we managed to deal with a load of the clutter and catch up on the end of Buffy. It's not quite the end of Buffy for us as we still have a series and a half in the middle to watch :o) On Wednesday the scaffolding finally came down - typically, our first chance of a lie-in in ages, and they turned up at 7.30 and woke us up!

Today we really hit the ground running. Literally - we've been tackling the overgrown monstrosity we call a garden. Some of the weeds out there were a couple of feet high. We then toddled off to an excellent garden centre in Catford that Owen had come across on the internet and bought loads of odds and ends. I've just come in from repotting our extremely neglected strawberry plants whilst adding in a few new ones we picked up - we should have some fruit over the next couple of weeks as we managed to find some plants which are nearly there.

Tomorrow I need to be up early and off to Bromley to see the dentist. I just hope the postman turns up before I leave :-) I've also got a hygenist appointment at lunchtime so I've got a couple of hours shopping time. Then off to a school fete to meet Owen's Mum for lunch (she's a teacher) before heading home to finish potting up my containers. I've got some new flowers for the front garden, and a load of herbs for the back. Then I need to do some house plant maintenance and pay the bills and do the washing ....

When am I going to find time to read the new HP book?

posted at 8:52 PM
Friday, June 13, 2003
Today is my blogday. It's 365 days since I posted my first ever entry into this little corner of cyberspace that I call my own. I've been thinking about this post for the last couple of weeks since I realised that this momentus occasion was looming. In the absence of divine inspiration I thought I'd settle for telling you the story of where my blog gets its name.

Once upon a time a young woman met a young man and they liked each other. After a few months of friendship they started to become even closer. A few months later he went away on a trip with some of his family. In California he chanced upon a shop selling cool stuffed animals. Amongst them he found a Purple Penguin. Missing his girlfriend and remembering that it would be her birthday soon after he got home, the young man decided that this would be an ideal gift. Particulary as the young woman already had an usual number of penguin related objects already, although none that were Purple, and this Penguin had a special property of being exceptional squashy, which is useful when you are a long way away from home and luggage space is at a premium. Some time later,
Owen made it back to England, where he introduced Squodge to Tammy. And the three of them lived happily ever after...

So there you have it, my blog is named after my penguin. So why Squodge? Squidge just didn't sound right.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2003
I've been a busy bee again! I've spent a lot of time at the PC without actually getting round to posting. I've had a stinky cold which led to me cancelling most of the fun stuff we'd had lined up. Whilst recovering I've managed to sort out my wardrobe, and spend hours looking at spreadsheets trying to work out if we can afford to buy a roof for the house.

We've also been sorting out more of the photos (having finally got the home network running properly) and following
owen's photo release earlier, I can now give you some photos of Canary Wharf I took earlier in the spring.

And finally, Happy Birthday to our friend Steve, who I will be joining in the pub 5 minutes after I hit the publish button....

posted at 7:33 PM
Thursday, June 05, 2003
I seem to have ended up with an evening off all to myself. OK, I've got a bit of washing up to go and do, but other than that it's just me and my PC. Which is a roundabout way of saying I'm catching up on my blogroll. Some of you people are writing way too much, so I'm very behind. Here's a couple of links I followed as I wandered about -

Gert has been doing brain quizes, so I followed suit. It seems I have an empathy rating of 49, which puts me just above the female average (47). Fair enough, but my systemising score came out as 42 which appears to make me a bit of a geek, and puts me into the male part of the little graph.

Via bingobowden, which enemy of the christian faith are you? I am also apparently a nothing. Which is quite a shame really, I was hoping I'd at least class as a heretic or something :-)

posted at 7:32 PM
Monday, June 02, 2003
Not only is this my third post in under a week, but we've actually pulled off sorting out the Scotland photos, which are now available here.

posted at 10:07 PM
Sunday, June 01, 2003
Two posts in one week - that hasn't happened for a while :-) We've been sorting out the Scotland photos this week, and they should be going up soon, when we've finished playing with album software. The holiday is still due a good write up - so many memories to record. That will have to wait though, as a bit of nifty scheduling left us with a busy weekend. My sister and her boyfriend came round Friday, and we ate lots of food and watched the X-Men on DVD (in preparation for going to see the next one as soon as we get the opportunity).

Saturday was a day of dealing with the bombsite effect we'd achieved from coming back from holidays. For good measure we cleaned all the windows off following all the work we've been doing on the outside of the house (scaffolding due to disappear this week). Damon & Julia came over for dinner in the evening, and we had a lovely evening accompanied by a rather large volume of wine before making it to bed around 3.30.

Today we were up bright and early and off to Bromley to try and buy a light. They were out of stock, and to add insult to injury we left the shopping centre car park with a suspiciously flat tyre. That made us over an hour late for Emma's birthday picnic. Luckily we were saved from total embarassment by Stu, who, true to form as ever, turned up even later :-) We had a lovley picnic in the park. There should be some photos soon - as soon as the Scotland onces are up and I've caught up on what some of the rest of you have been up to I'll get on the case.

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