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Sunday, August 31, 2003
Time seems to fly by so quickly. It's been 3 weeks since I last found time to stop and have a bit of a think and spend some frivolous time at my PC.

Brighton was lovely. As the temperatures in London officially hit 100F for the first time ever we were down at the seaside enjoying the sea breezes. It was great to catch up with Simon and Maud. Their house is looking lovely - there's more stuff they'd like to do with it, but they've done a lot and it's coming together superbly. We had a lovely weekend gossiping and doing nothing in particular for a change. Despite promising to get together again soon and not leave it so long next time I fear it will probably be another year before we can arrange anything.

The following weekend our niece Sophie came to stay with us by herself for the first time. We had a lovely time watching our DVD collection of 70's kiddie TV classics, drawing pictures and going to the park. She was a little sweetheart for us, although small children (she'll be 4 tomorrow) would be much easier to deal with if they slept past 6.30 on the weekends :o) On the Sunday we took her home and spent the afternoon with the rest of the family and another couple of friends we only see once in a Blue Moon. All in all, it was a top weekend, partly because it was a total change from normal life for us. We need to get better at making more quiet time for ourselves instead of frantically running around all over the place.

Last weekend was a UK public holiday, giving us a free Monday off. Friday we drove up to Stafford to spend the night with Helen & Chris, who we hadn't seen in absolutely ages. Having arrived about 11pm we set about drinking and generally putting the world to rights before crawling into bed just after 3am. Which was quite a surprise as we all thought it was much earlier than that. Six hours later we were up for breakfast before driving further north to Cheadle Hulme (near Manchester) to watch Caz & Iain get married. Not many of the old gang were there for various reasons, but we caught up with Steve & Cath who we'd not seen since March.

Sunday we headed back down the motorway, arriving home in time to go to our local Italian for dinner. I could eat there every day - the food is superb :o) Monday we went over to Owen's Dad's for a lunch party, and then went to see the
Pirate movie which I really enjoyed. A real sword-fighting swashbuckler of a film.

This weekend has been a little calmer so far. Did a few chores yesterday and caught up on some TV. We're off to my see my parents for lunch later, so we should have a fairly relaxing day. We've got one more week at work, and then we've got two weeks "holiday" in which we're planning to do our utility room and hopefully most of the study. I'm hoping to post a bit more frequently, but suspect the content will be mostly DIY related. If all goes according to plan we'll get some more of the photos up and you can see what I'm talking about for a change.

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Saturday, August 09, 2003
We've been having a bit more downtime lately, but I've had more of a gaming head on than a writing head. There's also been a lot going on. Last weekend we managed to pull off both fun and productivity in equal measures which was nice. We got a lot done without feeling like we'd been working ourselves too hard. Friday evening we had Jo & Dan round for dinner and had a lovely evening. A fair amount of time was spent talking about houses - they hadn't seen our front room since it's been "finished" (less a few touches like new sofas and curtains). They're frantically trying to finish their flat ready to sell it and climb the property ladder.

Saturday we caught up on some sleep, tidied the house and did loads of those mundane chores that build up over time. We also built our new shed and gave it a couple of coats of paint. We also spent a fair amount of time trying to clear more of the brambles from the garden. It would be lovely to have a nice garden to relax in, but there's an awful number of back breaking effort required and we need to get cracking in the utility room before we can even think about doing the study.

On Sunday we got up bright and early to start setting up the garden for a barbie. Then it was off to the supermarket to stock up with beer and food, with the diversion of a long discussion with one of the neighbours about renovating houses (which seems to be the main topic of conversation everywhere I go for some reason :o). A whole load of friends came over at lunchtime and we all ate too much and drank beer in the sunshine. It was great to catch up with everyone and finally see a couple of new babies.

Today we've got a few chores to do, and then we're off to Brighton to catch up with Simon & Maud. They bought a house a bit after we did that was in a similar state. We normally catch up at weddings and parties these days, and haven't visited each other's places yet. I'm really looking forward to seeing what it's like and how they're getting on with it, so I can see where some of the coversation is headed ...

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