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Wednesday, June 02, 2004
I have a good excuse for not posting earlier - baby David entered the world last Thursday, and life has changed completely.

For those interested in the details, the birth did not go according to plan and ended with a caesarian 36 hours after the first attempt to induce a natural delivery. Gory details are available on request if you're really interested. Due to the op we couldn't come home as quickly as planned and had to stay in hospital until Sunday.

I'm enjoying motherhood so far, and at times I find myself amazed that he's not even a week old yet. It seems like we've all been together as a family for ever. Admittedly I wasn't so happy at 6am this morning after baby had been awake all night!

A photo has been posted at
Daddy's blog. More will come later.

Time to dash - the little bundle of joy is stirring and will be wanting his lunch.

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