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Friday, July 30, 2004
I really do mean to blog at least once a week, but finding time is so tricky. David is now 2 months, or 9 weeks depending on how you like to count it, and he's changing so fast. We have more fun every day, and everything is such a huge adventure. Just going to the supermarket is a totally different experience when you have a curious baby to entertain. Who knew that red and green peppers could be so fascinating?

David had his first set of jabs this week. This was an experience I'm not looking forward to repeating in a month. The actual injections were fine - he screamed a little but was smiling a couple of minutes later. It was the following 48 hours that were hell as all of a sudden we had a little screaming baby who was not happy at all. On the plus side, following 2 days of chaos, David has suddenly decided that sleeping for 6 whole hours in one stretch at night is a good idea. I'm waking up groggy from too much sleep each morning :o)

I'm slowly managing to drift back into catching up with all the other bloggers out there. This week I was very moved by
this post from Jon. And snowcat has posted some nice piccies of the baby. I've got some to get posted too, including some we took today, but I'll bore you with those another time.

Enough for now, I should catch some sleep while I can. I'll leave you with news of clever sheep who have learnt that not being able to walk over cattle grids does not prevent you from rolling over them.

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Sunday, July 18, 2004
Time flies when you're having fun, but it flies even faster when you have a baby.  David is now 7 weeks old, and has changed so much in the last 6 weeks since  I posted.  We are very lucky as he is a good little chap most of the time, and seems to be taking life in his stride.  With a new baby I find that people are always asking about how much sleep we're all getting.  Baby sleeps quite well now, although it took a while to get the difference between day and night sorted.  He sleeps from about 10pm to around 6.30am, although he does wake up briefly to be fed at around 1 & 4. 
I can't believe how rapidly he's changing. This week alone he's learnt how to make a variety of new sounds, laughed for the first time, and started trying to grab at things instead of just waving his fists at objects hanging in front of him.
If general baby care wasn't enough to fill the time, we've also been to the 
London Aquarium, down to Dorset for a BBQ and overnight stay and attended Grandma's wedding.  We've even been to the cinema twice for "watch with baby" screenings of Shrek 2 and Spiderman 2.    David has been to the pub twice - to wet his head with some friends, and whilst out shopping when he got hungry and his parents fancied a drink.
To go full circle on the "time flies" theme, since I started this post well over an hour ago, I've changed two nappies, fed the baby once (having already fed him before starting), and done some tidying up.  Time to do some chores before my gorgeous little boy wakes up and the whole process starts again.  I really do intend to get back here and post again soon, but if several weeks pass again you'll know what I've been up to ...

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